A Synthetic Workload Model for Internet Mosaic Traffic.

M. Arlitt and C. L. Williamson. Proceedings of the 1995 Summer Computer Simulation Conference (SCSC'95), Ottawa, Ontario, pp. 852-857, July 1995.

Abstract: Mosaic traffic (i.e., World-Wide Web) is the fastest growing component of the aggregate packet and byte traffic on the NSFNET backbone. Modeling the workload characteristics of these mosaic sessions is therefore deemed important in any simulation study of the Internet or future high speed networks.

The ATM-TN TeleSim project has designed and implemented a synthetic workload model for Internet mosaic traffic, to be used as input to a parallel simulator for high speed ATM networks. This paper describes the workload characterization and modeling process for this synthetic workload model, as well as the design, implementation, and validation of this traffic model.

Keywords: Network, Model Design, Parameter Identification, Telecommunications.