Modelling ATM networks in a parallel simulation environment: a case study.

P. Gburzynski, Ono-Tesfaye and S. Ramaswamy. Proceedings of the 1995 Summer Computer Simulation Conference (SCSC'95), Ottawa, Ontario, pp. 869-874, July 1995.

Abstract: This paper describes our experience with implementing an Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network simulator in the high-level sequential programming language SMURPH [Dobosiewicz and Gburzynski 93], and then porting it to SimKit--a parallel simulation tool offering a C++ interface to a shared-memory implementation of the well-known Time Warp [Jefferson 85] concept. The work was undertaken as part of the TeleSim project, which aims to build a set of multi-purpose high-fidelity ATM simulation tools for execution in sequential and parallel environments.

Kewords: Parallel simulation, Time Warp, ATM networks, Protocol modeling.