SimKit: A High Performance Logical Process Simulation Class Library in C++.

F. Gomes, S. Franks, B. Unger, Z. Xiao, J. Cleary and A. Covington. Proceedings of the 1995 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC'95), Arlington, Virginia, pp. 706-713, December 1995.

Abstract: SimKit is a C++ class library that is designed for very fast discrete event simulation. SimKit presents a simple, elegant Logical Process View of simulation enabling both sequential and parallel execution without code changes to application models. The sequential executive performs well on a variety of UNIX platforms and facilitates debugging and testing. The parallel executive (WarpKit) is based on the Time Warp paradigm and supports efficient parallel execution on shared memory multiprocessor hardware such as the Silicon Graphics Power Challenge and the Sun Sparc-Server 1000/2000.

This paper describes the design features of the SimKit System. A brief overview of the Logical Process Modeling View commonly used in Parallel Discrete Event Simulation (PDES) is presented. The SimKit classes are then introduced followed by a brief tutorial on how to build and simulate object oriented models using SimKit.

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