A Performance Study of ABR Traffic Control Strategies Using the ATM-TN Simulator

C. L. Williamson. TeleSim technical report, April 1998.

Abstract: This document presents a set of simulation experiments comparing the performance of three different ABR traffic control schemes for ATM networks. The approaches evaluated are ERICA (Explicit Rate Indication for Congestion Avoidance), ERICA+, and DEBRA (Dynamic Explicit Bid Rate Algorithm). Each algorithm is evaluated on ten different ATM network traffic scenarios, which together constitute a reasonable benchmark for ABR traffic control schemes. The scenarios used in the experiments are: (1) one-source; (2) two-sources; (3) two-sources-staggered; (4) one-at-a-time arrivals; (5) three-switch parking-lot; (6) five-switch parking-lot; (7) upstream traffic; (8) Generic Fairness Configuration 1; (9) Generic Fairness Configuration 3; and (10) dynamic traffic. All experiments are conducted using the ATM-TN simulator, and the ABR persistent source traffic model.

The simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness and robustness of the ERICA and ERICA+ schemes on a wide range of network traffic scenarios, and the competitive performance of the DEBRA algorithm on most, but not all, of these benchmark scenarios.