Network Traffic Measurements of IP/FrameRelay/ATM

C. L. Williamson and F. M. Foo. Proceedings of the Workshop on Workload Characterization in High Performance Computing Environments, Montreal, PQ, pp. 1-15, July 1998.

Abstract: This paper presents network traffic measurements of a commercially offered Frame Relay service, which is being used to carry "IP over FrameRelay over ATM". Two types of measurements have been made of this commercial service offering: coarse-grain OAM measurements over long time periods (e.g., days, weeks), and fine-grain ATM cell-level measurements over short time periods (e.g., minutes).

The main workload characteristics observed from the measurements are the distinct daily usage cycle in the aggregate traffic, the strong evidence of network traffic self-similarity in the aggregate traffic, and the evidence of self-similarity in some, but not all, of the individual IP traffic streams. The latter two observations suggest that traffic management for Frame Relay services could be a difficult issue, particularly as the number of subscribers continues to grow.