Notes on Parallelizing ATM-TN Cell-level Simulation Models.

Z. Xiao. Computer Science Department Technical Report: 98/628/20, May 1995.

Introduction: This is a facts finding study for parallelizing ATM-TN simulation models. ATM-TN stands for ATM Traffic and Network. It is a frame work for detailed cell level ATM simulation models. The users are responsible for providing network topology and specifying parameters for each component of the network being modeled. To a large extent, the principles presented in this report also apply to other cell level ATM simulation models. The purpose of the study is to find out what is the available parallelism in this type of ATM-TN models, how to parallelize the models in general, and what problems there are to be addressed for the Time Warp mechanism to get reasonable speedup with the ATM-TN simulation given the very small granularity of the simulation models.