TeleSim Projects

TeleSim is a collaborative research project that is aimed at the modeling, simulation and analysis of advanced, next generation communication networks. Research goals are defined in three main areas: simulation, emulation, and networking.

Much of our recent work has focused on network emulation. Our network emulation tool enables real applications running on real hosts to interact with and via a virtual network. The virtual network is provided by a network model running within an extended version of the IP-TN simulator. The extensions enable real IP packets to be handled within the simulator and real ICMP packets to be generated when network errors occur. The system currently uses our CCTKit parallel discrete event simulation (PDES) kernel which has real-time extensions.

Work continues in the areas of PDES algorithm and implementation development, network simulation and networking. The work with simulation kernels and simulators aims to improve the efficiency of simulations modeling large networks. The work on networking aims to improve protocols and application deployment strategies.