Performance Modeling of Mobile Multicasting Protocols

J. Schafaedin, R. Simmonds , B. Unger and C. L. Williamson. Submitted to the 11th International Conference on Wireless Communications (Wireless 99), Calgary, AB, Canada, July 12-14, 1999.

Abstract: This paper compares several mobile multicast protocols and introduces a new protocol. The protocols that are considered are bi-directional tunneling, remote subscription and the mobile multicast protocol (MoM). The new protocol extends MoM and is called eMoM. In order to evaluate the various protocols a discrete event simulator has been developed. The simulation results demonstrate the performance characteristics of the eMoM protocol, including its advantages over the other protocols. The paper shows that eMoM is more scalable and efficient than both bi-directional tunneling and remote subscription. It also shows how eMoM performs better than MoM in the areas of deliverability and route optimality.