Network Traffic Measurement of MBONE Over ATM

R. van Melle and C. L. Williamson. To appear in "Workload Characterization in High Performance Computing Environments", edited by G. Kotsis, University of Vienna, and published by the Austrian Computer Society. Submitted January 1998.

Abstract: This paper reports on our measurements of Internet MBONE traffic over an experimental wide area ATM network in Canada called the National Test Network (NTN). In particular, we report measurements for audio and video traffic, as generated by standard MBONE tools. These measurements are part of a workload characterization effort to assess the bandwidth requirements for MBONE traffic, the end-user quality of MBONE traffic, and any potential performance problems for MBONE traffic (over Internet or ATM).

Our measurement results show that the MBONE tools perform very well across the NTN backbone, but that MBONE traffic originating from elsewhere on the Internet is highly disrupted by delay, jitter, and loss effects. The measurements also illustrate the presence of long range dependence in MBONE video traffic.